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What the Golden Brow Training is all about

I don't want to just teach you how to microblade, I want to teach you how to be a great brow artist!"

Taylor Steingold - The Brow Fairy


Our Shadow Classes are a one day look and learn training in a one on one setting where you will have the opportunity to watch Taylor work on actual clients and gain valuable tips and tricks as well as ask questions, engage with clients, and experience The Golden Brow difference.


1. Aspiring microblading artists looking to explore and learn more about the craft before committing to certification training

2. Already certified microblading artists looking to pick up fresh tips and tricks.


Our Master Class is a five day microfeathering training and certification course. Our course covers microfeathering theory, safety and regulations, brow techniques and much more. The course includes three days of training, followed by one day of shadowing and finishes with one day of performing services yourself on (up to 2) models while being mentored. You will also receive your own full microfeathering kit with the exact same high-quality tools and products used at The Golden Brow. The course also includes on-going mentor ship from Taylor.


1. Aspiring microblading artists seeking the skills and directions to launch a successful career in the beauty industry.

2. Aspiring microblading artists who desire to become a Brow Fairy at The Golden Brow! We are always searching for new talent to grow our team.

** Customized two day courses are available upon request for already certified professionals seeking training to become a Brow Fairy at The Golden Brow.


Our Mini Classes are a completely customizable two day training where you will have the opportunity to inform Taylor of weak points in your mircoblading skill set and be mentored by her to master every concern. This advanced course is driven by the students individual requests and includes one day of training followed by one half day of performing services on a model while being mentored.


1. Certified microblading artists looking to be trained in The Golden Brow technique.

2. Already practicing microblading artists looking to perfect their skills and gain mastery of techniques.


*all classes held at 3007 Clairemont Dr. San Diego CA 92117 unless otherwise listed*

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