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Does it hurt?

A: Each guests is numbed with a gentle topical anesthetic before the service begins. Most clients describe the sensation as painless or minimal to slight discomfort.

How long does it take?

A: The procedure length depends on the client’s needs and brow scenario. Most first time brow appointments last 2.5 to 3 hours and most follow up or yearly touch up appointments last about 2 hours.

How long is the healing process?

A: The skin is not considered to be completely HEALED until after 30 days of a full cycle of cellular regeneration, but your brows will appear and feel normal within 10-14 days. It is imperative to follow the after care steps listed in our "Care" tab to insure proper healing and to avoid infection.

How long will my brows last?

A: Depending on the care and your body chemistry/skin type, brows can last up to 2 years. however yearly touch-ups  after are recommended and offered at a discounted price to maintain perfect pigment and definition. 

Are there any side effects?

A: Like any medical or cosmetic procedure, everyone has a risk of reaction, although extremely rare. If you are allergic to metals or have hyper-sensitive skin this service is not recommended. Also if the area is not cared for properly following the procedure infection or scarring is also a slight risk. Visit our "Care" tab for details.

When will I see results?

A: The results are immediate! However the healing process can be deceiving as the brows darken, flake, and heal. Every first time brow session is followed by an included second appointment 5 to 10 weeks later where the brows are perfected and given a second coat of pigment insuring a long lasting result.

Am I a good candidate for microfeathering?

A: Busy, active women who want to save time on their brows are great candidates. Women who have trouble filling their brows or experience hair loss or thinning are also perfect candidates. Individuals with dry, normal to combination skin types make excellent candidates. The brow strokes will show up very defined and clear. Women with oil to severely oily skin could experience softer lines, and not a long lasting results as other skin types.

Do I need to schedule time off work?

A: It’s really not necessary. There is no down time following the procedure, but tenderness and mild redness are common on the first day. Days 2-7 can be tricky as your brows form tiny scabs that simply make your brows appear darker than desired. As the flake off your brows can appear patchy for a few days and it is important not to peel or exfoliate your brows, instead letting them heal on their own. Keep the 10-14 day healing period in mind if planning photos, events, or vacations. Visit our "Care" tab for details.